Photo by Silvie Tillard


News in the West of Munich – 50 local and international artists have artistically reinterpreted 5,000 square meters of interior and exterior space at Landsberger Strasse.

In the absence of the public and hidden behind the façade of the former Tengelmann headquarters in Landsbergerstrasse 350, artists of urban and contemporary art have been working for several months on their individual „spatial experiments“. The numerous relics of the former office complex serve as inspiration and backdrop for their works; mouse-grey wallpapers became canvases, files turned into sculptures, and office cabinets into installations – spray painted, drawn, hammered and artistically realized on several floors.

With the friendly support of AXA IM – Real Assets and the real estate developer FOM Real Estate, who had presented the project to the Munich based Urban Art Museum MUCA before the planned conversion, the KUNSTLABOR was created over many months.

Until end of January 2019 the KUNSTLABOR and its artists will present a wide range of fantastic “art experiments” and take visitors on a discovery journey through this unique art project.


Landsbergerstr. 350
Munich, 80687

Running time:

13.10.2018 until 31.01.2019
Thursday – Sunday
14:00 – 22:00 Uhr


Currently not available



Between June and October 2018, we secretly worked behind the facade of Tengelmanns former headquarter, turning it into an exhibition that allowed visitors to immerse into the participating artists’ minds.

Ella&Pitr working on a huge installation on KUNSTLABORs roof

Ella&Pitr working on a huge installation on KUNSTLABORs roof

Fintan Magee beim Malen an der Fassade

Fintan Magee painting the buildings facade

Vereinte Kräfte beim Bau von base23s Installation

Joining forces for base23’s installation

Fio Silva beim Malen in einem der Gänge

Fio Silva painting a hallway

The Catalog

Given the project’s temporary existence, we published a (bilingual) catalog, documenting every single installation of the project. Besides the photos, there’s texts about every artist and statements about their individual works at KUNSTLABOR.

The design of the catalog was inspired by the uncountable amounts of folders we found in the building and which made their way into various installations.

The catalog can be either bought at the MUCA museum or at the online shop.

Die Inspiration für den Katalog

The catalog’s inspiration